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Swedish UNEF II Battalion 60M

December 1975 - June 1976


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I could need some help here. Identify yourselves guys!
I recognize your faces, but have no names, not even sure anylonger, if this really occurred during 60M, and I associates this car and the trip with only two other guys. :-)
This picture however, has convinced me that my memory has failed me, so help me out?!



Inter Rent told us we wasn't allowed to drive on dirt roads, only paved ones. It's hard to resist when you are in the middle of the fourth largest sandbox in the world :-))



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 So we headed for the Saint Catherine Monastery, a hundred kilometers or so pure dirt or pebblestone roads (sometimes heavy rocks bounced up in the undercarriage, poor car!) down the peninsula!



It was such an impressive landscape.
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 After a couple of hours drive and not far from sunset we were advised to go home again, by a lonely Caterpillar driver as an answer for my request of which direction to go in a sort of junction between the mountains. He told us we would freeze to death after dark, and asked if we had clothes and water. He was appearently not aware of our relationship to the Vikings, and since we weren't quite sure either, we turned the car around.

It took me one and a half years before I got to Saint Catherine, and just before that journey I forgot the film rolls in the glove compartment in another car. Sigh!



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The Fjord.



Aqaba Bay, Gulf of Aqaba, Gulf of Eilat, Red Sea!
Saudi Arabia in the background.
On our way back to Eilat at dusk.



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