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Swedish UNEF II Battalion 70M

June 1978 - December 1978



We.jpg (235533 byte) Huey at Baluza 1978.jpg (122742 byte)
I had the honor, and joy, to be assigned as driver to the Commanding Officer at Swedbatt, Colonel Stig Edgren, to the left, and his ADC First Lieutenant Björn Torstensson. Mrs Birgitta Edgren and Johan (behind the camera for the moment) joined us for more than a month all together, and embellished our time spent together even more!



I grabbed the camera when I realized that the Australian helicopter on return from an inspection flight in the buffer zone weren't going to land, it just stayed hovering above the Baluza airstrip. When it moved forward, backwards, to the left side, right side, and even began slowly swivel around I understood it was my Colonel that actually maneuvered the Huey himself.
Smooth and precise like a professional!
Well worth to document!


Nile upstream 1978.jpg (1159648 byte) IMGA0592.JPG (114049 byte)
I just had to take one ore! It was upstream on the Nile back to Luxor from a visit to the Valley of Kings.



Sinai 1978, The Movie!

In case you have 38 minutes to kill!
The original was taken with 8mm film
and the quality deteriorated when digitalized.
But it's rather beautiful music anyway!
So please enjoy!







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