The northernmost church village in Sweden.

And, Probably the two northernmost web cameras in the entire Europe! Hurtigruten's ship cameras are not counted for. LOL!


Karesuando Aerial View.jpg (194191 byte)

View towards the river.
(Currently offline)
View the Midnight Sun here, from May to July.

Click on the picture for the live streaming video view!

Aerial picture with estimated camera angles.

Interactive aerial view by Eniro. Use this link just to zoom out from the area, and get an idea of where on earth you have been!


View towards the church.

Click on the picture for the live streaming video view!

Link for Google Earth users.

Link for Google Maps.

Karesuando official website.

In English, German, French, Spanish, and Finnish.



Fortunate snapshots


Midnight Sun.jpg (73221 byte) Karesuando Midnight Sun 060630.jpg (68649 byte) Midnight Sun 060721.jpg (77278 byte)
This picture shows the lowest point for the sun around midnight on the summer solstice.

Summer solstice is actually tomorrow, but since we are expecting rain for the next few days, I took the liberty to use a picture taken today the 21st. I don't think the difference will be noticable.



Midnight Sun at June 30.


Midnight Sun at July 21.