La Esperanza

Nuestra Senõra de la Esperanza

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This extraordinary view is photographed from the aqueduct of Casa San Sebastian.




A slideshow consisting of views from the gardens and of the equally breathtaking neighbourhoods.
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La Esperanza

La Esperanza, is one of the oldest and most dramatic houses in Frigiliana. The earliest parts may have been built in the early 16th century and as a part of the El Ingenio molasses factory works. The house is right next to the water lines for Frigiliana and in days past the aqueduct or irrigation ditches (ancient Moorish acequias) to supply the cane sugar molasses factory El Ingenio also supplied the power to run the factory inside La Esperanza. The apartment still houses three original ovens for processing the sweet molasses. The ovens are now used as your armoire and storage rooms. The house sits above El Ingenio as the middle of the original three factory works on an expansive 2 acres plus.








In addition to the house itself, there is a magnificent garden, pool with glorious views and plenty of space to explore and enjoy the 270 degree unparalleled views. The apartment has been modernised and brought up to high standards with full kitchen, bath etc, The house is a hardy 4-5 minutes walk up from the centre of the historic old part of the village along the cobblestone streets and a rustic path and would not be appropriate for the truly aged or infirm. The couple or small family who are a bit fitness conscious with a love of nature and unbelievable vistas 24 hours a day simply cannot find a better house in which to make their holiday.


This slideshow depicts almost the entire villa, consisting of three floors with a surface of around 400 .



We have spent quite a lot of time by the sea, mainly down the Torrox Costa, 20 minutes away by car.
Join us in this movie, and enjoy the sounds, colours and movement of the Mediterranean Sea!

The Apartments

La Esperanza consists of three different apartments on three different floors, all with their own front- and backyards, and moreover entrances. Both the up and downstairs floors have fully equipped kitchen and bathrooms, one double bedroom and a living room each. The salon on the bottom floor features the original ovens used to process cane sugar molasses from the 17th century. They can be used among other things as storage for clothing or your children might find them extremely useful for a game of hide and seek.











The main floor welcomes you with a large living room with a very high ceiling and its own open fireplace. Through a hallway you will reach another large living room with windows facing the open inner courtyard. The kitchen has all amenities and includes a dining table for a large group. The terrace with a summer kitchen makes a natural connection to the living room. Two bedrooms, dressing room and wardrobes together with the bathroom are placed around the inner yard. The master bedroom has a small balcony facing the inner courtyard.


The second part of a slideshow consisting of views from the gardens and of the equally breathtaking neighbourhoods.
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Are you interested in knowing how to get your car up and down to Casa Esperanza, well, halfway anyway.
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The Terrace

The salon opens up onto a long terrace / garden area which offers magnificent views of the village of Frigiliana and beyond below, There are several tables and chairs which can be used to enjoy meals under the stars. On a clear day you can easily see the coast of Africa,









and in the mornings when you are fogged in for an hour or two, the terrace takes on a mysterious quality which makes it a wonderful place to enjoy your morning coffee.  Or, why not enjoy a barbeque together with friends right on top of the world.


A slideshow taken from the car all the way from Nerja up to, and around in Frigiliana.



I have actually filmed the whole journey on the Autovia del Mediterráneo from just west of the Lagos Tunnel all the way up to Paraje del Ingenio in the centre of Frigiliana.
Please, Enjoy!

The Pool

The swimming pool is certainly a welcome relief after walking around town or the countryside all day. From the pool you have the views from the Mediterranean Sea in the south, to the highest peaks of the Almijara Nature Reserve to the north.









On summer nights in July and August the pool takes on a magical quality as you feel so close to the mountains,  away far from the worries of. It is oval in shape and fairly large at 8 meters long and about 4 meters wide.


Join us for a stroll down town Frigiliana!
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One evening we decided to have dinner at the Los Caracoles, the Fred Flintstone inspired hotel and restaurant on a mountain top only 3 km away, as the crows fly, the road is 6 km, narrow and twisting its way up along the mountains. 
Do join us in a movie! Not for dinner, because by the time my camera was out of batteries, but for the road trip up there!

The Garden

La Esperanza is blessed with a large garden consisting of just about every variety of living plant matter known to exist in Andalusia. That may be a bit overstated, but if you are coming from farther north in Europe you will come into daily contact with hundreds of varieties of plants and trees that you may have never seen before.
There are three gardens to be precise, situated on around ten different terraces.









The garden which borders the terrace in the front of the house is relatively wild with pine trees, Chakaranda, Cacti, Bouganvillae in abundance and assorted spring flowers. The Gardens to the side and rear of the house are large and consists of rows of  terraces with flowers and fruit trees such as Almond, Sharon, Olive, Clementine, Mandarin, Orange, Lemon, Grape Fruit, Pomelo, Avocado, two different species of Pomegranates, and seasonal vegetables of every variety imaginable.


 What about a slideshow from a sightseeing tour to Alhambra in Granada!

Read all about how we got tickets to the palace, despite they were sold out at the entrance!


We have also visited the famous Cuevas de Nerja.
It is prohibited to photograph with flash in the caves
to prevent damages to the ancient wall paintings so I made a movie instead, a very dark movie, but yet a movie, please enjoy!
The Grottos in Nerja
A part of the caves is used for musical concerts and events and the worlds tallest stalactite/stalagmite with a height of 30 metres is to be enjoyed here.
These gigantic caves are truly impressive!

The Views

One of the most popular features of La Esperanza is the view. It is difficult to put into words the panoramic vistas you will enjoy from every corner of the property. You are so high up that the mountains which seemed so high above when you looked at them from below are now your friends, merely your equals in stature. White behind them are a new set of glorious mountains rising up behind the old Arab castle, which tower over the profound gorge and the waterfalls few ever have had the privilege of viewing. There is a small clearing at the far rear of the property, which affords an unbelievable view of the Rio Higueron below as well as the valley from whence it sources.







It is quite common to see falcons and other birds hunting in the gorge along with many other wild animals.
Daily visitors are the mountain goats that are roaming the hillside.
Many visitors recount spending hours fascinated by their antics and transfixed by the setting they find themselves in.
You are in fact viewing one of the most cherished natural parks in Andalusia as La Esperanza backs onto the park and is practically surrounded by it.
What makes La Esperanza so remarkable is that there are dozens of separate views to be enjoyed from every level of the property.




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Maps and Directions


When arriving to Frigiliana by car, in the roundabout, take the second exit slightly to the left, and continue on the road outside the new part of town, use the parking garage to the left just before Plaza Del Ingenio, walk up to the plaza, You have the old  town to the left and the factory building (the only building with natural stone coloured facade) named Nuestra Señora del Carmen in front of you,  now lean your body slightly backwards, raise your head and look up.
The most common remark during this very moment is "This can't be true !" 
Yes, but it is, and that’s where you are going, next to the summit, the second house from the top, to Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza.
A more detailed description of how to really find the rest of the way is difficult to do with words only, you will need a guide the first time, so let's take this over the phone instead.


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This interactive map below from Google Maps is probably easiest to handle. Just slide around with the left mouse button, double click to recenter and zoom in.
The map is centred between the blue coloured swimming pool and the villa towards south. If you get lost, just reload the web page, and it will return to the centre.

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