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The summer 1996


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A good, seaworthy, spacious, silent, and without vibrations, sightseeing boat! With a proper and polite crew! Almost entirely for ourselves!



The Moscow State University looks almost the same as this residential building.

Impressive buildings from the thirties!






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Outdoor art exhibition, and market, on the quay to the right


Kremlin in the background. Wonderfully glistening onion domes high up in the Kremlin.
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It's Saint Basil's Cathedral with the Red Square behind, and the Kremlin to the left.


Wait a bit, I'll just have a chat with Boris.

No, It's just that I have walked through giant doors before, but those doors had a really impressive look. This door had the looks of a super-sized kitchen door, with the typical curtain only in the lower windows. Even the door handle was propotional!

Red Square!

Right behind my head is Lenin's Mausoleum. The day I had the opportunity to pay him my respect was unforgettable! It was also memorable to being able to touch the grave of Jury Gagarin, which is placed in the Kremlin wall, very close to the mausoleum itself.


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The unknown soldier's grave outside the Kremlin wall, in Alexanders Park.


The mood in this place was very special, and that silly smile does certainly not reflect it. I'm sorry, but I wanted you to see the details on the monument.


Kolomenskaye, for the entire day!

Can you imagine, I have walked on Peter the Great's floor, the very same planks in the cottage he lived in when supervising the construction of his  fleet in Archangelsk. The cottage is  re-erected in the park. And I don't have a single photo of my own to show, can you imagine?

So I have borrowed a few thumbnails from other sites, don't tell anyone!







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The Orthodox Church of Great Martyr and Victory Bearer St.George.

The church is situated along and as a part of the huge Victory Park, on top of the Poklonnaya Gora (Bowing Hill or Hill of Respectful Salutation), consisting of the square with many fountains, the 410 feet, 125m tall obelisk and in the other end the open air War Museum with displays from WW2.

The wonderful larch tree plantation at Great Grandma's house. The light in this birch tree plantation is always extraordinary! It's Margarita and Great Grandma Antonina in front of us.



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