Snapshot from the Market Weekend in July!

Two of the most northerly web cameras in Europe, are placed in the town of Pajala, situated along the Torne River, not far from the border between Sweden and Finland.


Snapshot from the Market Weekend in July!

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Junction At The Town Center


Pajala Aerial.jpg (161992 byte)

Aerial picture of the sundial, and estimated camera angles.


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The Sun Dial Camera

According to Guinness Book of Records it is the largest sun dial in the world.




How is it possible to put up a 1000 dollar camera on a live broadband connection for a view like this?
It is only a wast of money, and a waste of viewers time waiting for something to happen, that never will, because of a strange reason it shuts down prior to an expected landing.

PajalaEmptyApron.jpg (93726 byte)
A camera has been installed at the
Pajala-Ylläs airport (ESUP)!



You should inform viewers that the camera will shut down during aircraft movements! Or, If you are so afraid of disclosing aircraft passengers (or their companies), why not raise and turn the camera towards the landing strip, or post a nice still picture with an aircraft instead of an empty apron?

I am really annoyed when writing this!
I have spent more than 20 minutes just to get a nice snapshot of the 10:55 aircraft when the window goes white, on both computers at my desk simultaneously! It was no fuzz with my connection, the camera was shut down but not the connection!
Please, correct me if I'm wrong and I will promptly delete these my comments!



 Summer Solstice is a special night!
Midnight Sun 2aa 060622.jpg (80734 byte) These pictures shows the lowest point for the sun around midnight on the summer solstice.


Midnight Sun 060622.jpg (72140 byte)
Only chatting.


Pajala official website,
(in English, but also available in  German, Finnish, and French).

Midnight Sun 2a 060622.jpg (84018 byte)


Link for Google Earth users.

For Google Maps.
Pajala Midnight Sun 060721.jpg (87931 byte)
Reluctantly giving traffic access to the streets.



Midnight Sun July 21
Midnight Sun 2aaa 060622.jpg (83095 byte) 0607082303.jpg (100822 byte) 0607082304.jpg (96056 byte)
The moped drivers are wearing helmets.


Market Day around midnight in 2006


Market Day around midnight in 2006


Midnight Sun 2aaaa 060622.jpg (82223 byte) Pajala 070122 1005.jpg (65274 byte) Pajala 070122 1006.jpg (74749 byte)
No one is actually walking on the lawn.

Just trying to follow the signs to Pajala's friend towns around the world?

The sun is well above the horizon again
in January 22.


The Sun Square in winter shroud.



All this was well known already for the ancient Greeks. ;-)