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The Coffee Top, on top of our little world.

Hundreds of wasps including two giant Hornets were fighting over our blueberry and apple pies this day, one of the hottest days in one of the hottest summers for more than a hundred years, that's the reason there is a tense mood in the faces. It was not that fun! :-)


Sorry to say but the coffee pavilion has burnt down during 2010!


There is a coffee pavilion on the pinnacle of Slagsta Mountain. From the parking lot behind the Slagsta Strand Mall it's a 78-step staircase to the café. When you finally reach the top, you are rewarded with a wonderful view of the landscape and parts of lake Mälaren. I assure you the coffee will taste after the walk and together with the view! Beside the café you can’t avoid to notice a giant pole, with an equally gigantic foundation. With its length of 42m and placed on a 35m high mountain it’s actually Sweden’s tallest flagpole. If you ask me why they have put up the flagpole here I will answer with the Botkyrka Municipal slogan: “Far From Just Enough” ;-). There are more nice pictures at the 


IMG_5842cr.JPG (214528 byte)
Under Blue-Yellow Banner. :-)


P8143912cr.jpg (265500 byte)

I think the staircase is somewhere to the right out of picture.





I guess I have to admit taken the car on the back road. If you call the café in advance they will send their Jeep down to fetch you. I saw it as a challenge to take my street car to the top. However, I will not recommend it, because of the road condition and the lack of space to park on top. ;-)


IMG_2722cr.jpg (179626 byte)

A few days later it was a pretty dull weather on my way home. At a red light close to the next exit on the expressway that passes by our area, I suddenly realized that a lonely sunray reached down through the clouds and only lightened up the café in the entire surroundings. you can see it just above the rear end of the middle car. I have measured the distance from here to the café, and it’s exactly 1,79 km as the crows fly.  A fun circumstance is that I have never seen the café at all from here before, during its six years since erection. And since it's more often red light than green at this junction, I have had plenty of time to see it, but not! :-)






P8143848cr.jpg (203322 byte)

At just about the same level as the six storey buildings roof.






The Flagpole


P8143851cr.jpg (323502 byte)

Heavy foundation.


P8143910cr.jpg (193807 byte)

They don't have to pull the flag all the way by hand anyway.


P8143852cr.jpg (132021 byte)

42m tall.












The Ekerö Island Ferry


FerryIMG_1275.jpg (410488 byte)

The new Icecream truck on the way down to the ferries. A part of Botvid Business Center in the background.
This is the common view from the European highway E4/E20 passing by.

P8143901cr.jpg (241421 byte)

The ferry from Slagsta has just crossed Vårbyfjärden (the Vårby Bay) reaching Jungfrusund (the Virgin Sound) on its way to the island Ekerö in the background.


FerryIMG_1318.JPG (289280 byte)

There are always three ferries on this route. Two are constantly working and one is standby, just in case.

Listen to the famous tune from Hemglass!
Here is an alternative version too! :-))
Henrik and I thought the alternative version was so beautiful, so we decided to make a short movie on the same theme. :-)







Did you know that the Swedish Road Administration is not only responsible for everything concerning traffic and roads in the country,




they are also one of the biggest ship owners in Sweden, when it comes to the amount of vessels, and the amount of routes throughout the country. :-)


FerryIMG_1281.jpg (223420 byte)

Join us for a ride across the bay!



FerryIMG_1282.jpg (221578 byte)

Welcome aboard Castella!



FerryIMG_1283.jpg (184957 byte)

Oh, we are getting one of the best view points.


FerryIMG_1285.jpg (204758 byte)

Korpberget (Raven Rock) ahead.



FerryIMG_1298.jpg (280493 byte)

At the destination Jungfrusund (Virgin Sound) 15 minutes later. 


FerryIMG_1320.JPG (353415 byte)

We were so fortunate to find a café where they had icecreams right at the ferry dock, so the ten minutes to the next ferry was almost too short of time! ;-)


FerryIMG_1333.jpg (277875 byte)

Back on the return trip, this time on another ferry. I'm sorry, but I missed her name. My promise is that it will never happen again! :-)

Now, a year or two later, I have figured out that it is Veronica. Phui!


FerryIMG_1348.jpg (295175 byte) FerryIMG_1355.jpg (256496 byte) FerryIMG_1362.jpg (304022 byte)
Raven Rock, the tallest cliff in our neighborhood.
Can you see the couple sitting almost on top on the left side of the rock?


Final approach.



Back at Slagsta Strand.




Isabel in Anne Arundel County MD 030919.jpg (52860 byte)

We seldom have such strong winds in our neighborhood.
This is just a happy guy from Anne Arundel in Maryland during the hurricane Isabel in September 2003.

Just for fun!








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