The English Park

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Ancient Monument nr 8. Botkyrka Parish,
Stockholm County


The park was built in the late 18th century, in a time when English parks became fashionable. The main components are, as I understood a temple and lots of paths. An added effect in this park is that it’s built upon 23 Iron Age graves, the oldest one from 500 AD, visible as hills. The largest one (40 meters wide and 6 meters high) is believed to be the grave of Chieftain Hunding and his four sons. Murdered by a 15 years old boy between the year 650-700 AD. Excavators found in 1939 many precious objects, such as a magnificent sword which had a hilt of gold. The vegetation today is mainly Swedish forest, some of a noble kind.



P8206184.JPG (1207256 byte)

Norsborg Lighthouse on the cape at the end of the park.



P8206182.JPG (1255737 byte)

The tower is the only remains of what was first called The Borg (and even if the clock has stopped at seven to nine, is the connection to the Borgs and Seven of Nine in Star Trec coincidental, I'm sure, eh), which later became Norsborg, and today the postal address for maybe 50,000 people.
The park continues behind the tower.



P8206181.JPG (1223211 byte)
IMG_3164cr.JPG (145716 byte)

LightFoundationCloseUp2IMG_3172.jpg (359444 byte)

LightFoundationCloseUpIMG_3168.jpg (391653 byte)


If you care to get to know the marvellous ship "Fyrbjörn" that actually took the light away, click here!



Today, Wednesday March 5th 2008, I got a message, from Mr Sten Rissler, who informed me that the lighthouse was removed from its foundation on November 24th 2006!
I swiftly made a head calculation and came to the conclusion that it must soon be five years since Henrik and I took those pictures.
It's hard to believe how fast time is running away.
We haven't visited The English Park for five years.
It's a shame!
I actually went down and fetched Henrik earlier from day-care this afternoon, just to take a walk down to the cape to document the changes.
This is what we found, an empty spot, even most of the concrete foundation was gone, only a few pieces of reinforcement bars were still stuck in the bedrock.
There is no need for lighthouses any longer, since the GPS have taken over. I got one too! :-)

 The Swedish Maritime Administration has on request informed Sten Rissler that the lighthouse was built in 1940.
It was also probably the first (and last) lighthouse on this spot.



IMG_3174ce.JPG (205082 byte)
The clock is apparently moving now and then, it's not seven to nine any longer, phui!



P8206190.JPG (1128329 byte)

The Norsborg Manor. Built in the 16th century. Of coarse rebuilt a couple of times since.

This building was burnt down in April 2019.

A piece of our heritage is gone.

P8206220.JPG (1316534 byte)

The battery, down at the shore.



Baron von Münchhausen Jr.


P8206228.JPG (1253738 byte)

Aha! There is the fuse!


P8206225.JPG (1321075 byte)

I've got an idea!


P8206229.JPG (1362120 byte)

One shot, Fire!


IMG_3191cr.JPG (195809 byte) IMG_3194cr.JPG (197608 byte)

Today, Wednesday March 5th 2008, we tried to recreate or perhaps I may use the word create a re-enactment for the old event in August 20th 2003. :-)



IMG_3199cr.JPG (214745 byte)
Easter Holiday 2008

We were free and the sun was shining, so we took a walk.



EnglishPark1951.jpg (206921 byte)
This is a part of a map from 1951, showing the park.



EnglishPark20080323AnemoneHepatica.JPG (1618556 byte) EnglishPark20080323ChieftainMound.JPG (248350 byte) EnglishPark20080323GraveMound.JPG (266665 byte)
The first hepaticas!
I have a slight feeling they are early this year.



The mound in the background is probably Chieftain Hunding, and his four son's grave. Unknown gravemound.
EnglishPark20080323Temple.JPG (269906 byte) EnglishPark20080323Battery.JPG (240368 byte) EnglishPark20080323TempleUphill.JPG (283407 byte)
The temple seen from east. The battery Seen from the battery, on the northern shore.



EnglishPark20080323BorgTowerShade.JPG (214624 byte)
It's pretty steep up to the tower on top of the cape.
EnglishPark20080323BorgTowerUp.JPG (154339 byte) EnglishPark20080323DownHill.JPG (321064 byte)
Downhill towards the manor.


I have earlier said that the tower is the only remains of the old Borg.
I'm not quite sure that's true.
The tower is well built, and as I also have said earlier, well maintained by the Botkyrka Municipality, which probably aught to be Stockholm Water instead that owns the whole area around, but could be a monument of itself, and has probably nothing to do at all with the owner at the time of Norsborg Manor.



EnglishPark20080323Orangery.JPG (237047 byte) EnglishPark20080323OrangeryGable.JPG (311399 byte) EnglishPark20080323FoxTail.JPG (285236 byte)
The Orangery.

The embellishments of sepulchral urns on the roof is a little unorthodox to me?



I like the building very much, I want one! :-) Foxtail already?
EnglishPark20080323PeaceAndQuiet.JPG (309016 byte)
A few minutes rest before heading home.
I have promised Henrik that we shall investigate the grove to the right this summer.
We will eventually discover the remains of the real ancient Hundhamra Borg from around 700 AD.


EnglishPark20080323AncientBorgHill.JPG (121052 byte)
Have a view of The Hundhamra Borg from Eniro "Utsikt".


We made an attempt to climb the wooded hill later on in the summer, but it was impossible because of a huge fence, on top of the hill, with barbed wire and electronic sensors woven in to it. Nobody will cross over here unnoticed!


It's probably of security reasons for the drinking water production facility. 
It's a pity though that we cannot find out if the tower foundations seen on the eastern side of the hill are remains from the Hundhamra Borg, or the water works defence posts from the second world war.


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