Torps Malm

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Ancient monument nr 313. Sorunda parish,
Stockholm County



This 28 meter (almost 92 Feet) long ship setting at Torps Malm is from the younger bronze age (1100-500 BC), and considered the largest one found in the province of Södermanland. It has never been excavated, because other excavations have shown that they are most often empty. This one is assumed to have been erected in honor of somebody who died far away from home. The ship setting consists of 50 stones, and about 20 of them have fallen. I don’t think they have fallen all by themselves, and kept on rolling down the slope, or just vanished!

The area around the ship also consists of four round stone settings, and two erected stones. All very difficult to photograph due to the dense vegetation.



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Just what I told you in short above, though in a strange language.  


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Henrik and Margarita, on a stroll!


Henrik! Don't you dare turn that one over too!


From the other end.


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Ninety feet is a lot, on short legs!


But, perseverance will pay off!


One of the mounds. Many stones are scattered around.
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Oh Deer!

No bronze age here, a week old, or two at the most. It was still meet on it.


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