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Trosa Town

A view through the former web cam on top of the water tower over the town that

affectionately is nicknamed "Världens Ände" "The End Of The World".


Web Camera View


In winter shroud


A view of the water tower where the web camera is placed. This picture is taken from the road junction seen in the lower right center of the web camera view. The blue ring marks out where the camera is believed to be.


Among all the equipment mounted here one can only guess!


Of all close-ups I took, this was the only picture that showed anything that even remotely resembled a web camera. But I know it's there somewhere!


The tower makes a solid impression from the foot!


With a sound like in a church!


A view from the inlet to the Eastern Town Bay


A view from the tower towards the inlet to the Eastern Town Bay. The arrow marks the point the previous photo was taken from.



The province  of Södermanland
Trosa Town.



(Sörmland is an acknowledged abbreviation of Södermanland, even in written form. Use the pronunciation from “Sir”, with the stress on the first syllable, and the final “d” hardly audible, and you will surely be taken for a native “Sörmlänning”.)



Many authors have tried to capture the essence of Södermanland in their writing. The most successful attempt was probably by Selma Lagerlöf, who in The wonderful adventures of Nils Holgersson describes Södermanland as "The beautiful garden of delights". 
The landscape of Södermanland varies a great deal from area to area. It is a region rich in water, with several rivers and more than one thousand lakes. The coast is enhanced by a spectacular archipelago, a paradise for adventurers.
Södermanland is the perfect place to spend a holiday if you are interested in breathtaking nature panoramas as well as historical sights. There is a large variety of outdoor and wildlife activity since Södermanland is the perfect place for "eco-tourism". It is the province for those who appreciate low-land nature. Södermanland's history is strongly reflected in all its numerous well-preserved historical remains, from runic stones through to modern age architecture. 



The beautiful archipelago town of Trosa can be found by the Södermanland coast. An open landscape with living farm districts and pleasant creeks excells Trosa as a heritage from the 16th century.

Activities such as fishing, long walks or bicycle rides along the Sörmland track, Canoing in  the Trosa Stream. Or, Why not take a ride out with any of the archipelago boats, sit back and enjoy the beautiful environment. 

Nynäs Castle and Tullgarns Castle is two well-visited excursion destinations. Guided tours on the castle is an alternative for the curious. Garvaregården (Tanner House) is today the town museum, also a place worth a visit if you go to Trosa.



Annual events:
If you're an enthusiastic fisherman, you shouldn't miss the Great Fishing Day during Ascension Day, when fishermen and -women from all over Sweden participates in this alliance.

Another national event is the annual mountainbike contest that occurs in May.

Trosa Market Day is when the whole country's "Knallar" (travelling merchants) are gathering and putting up their market stalls on the streets. This is The Day to visit! The second Saturday in June! 

The Harwest Market and Christmas Market is arranged every year, even in less gigantic proportions.

Trosa City Race is one of the biggest events in this archipelago town. Thousands of runners from all over the world joins this contest and local holiday with dragon boat rowing and dancing in the harbour.

Trosa is a unique archipelago town that has something to offer to everyone that wants to enjoy swedish culture and nature.



 Trosa got its town privilegies in the year 1610 by king Karl IX.

Prior to this the old town three miles upstream at Trosa Land got its town privilegies by Karl VIII Knutsson in 1454, on January 29.

It has probably been a town on this place since at least the late 14th century.


Carl von Linné (Carolus Linnaeus), our most famous botanist, (and certainly not the famous Nobel prize laureate as a German travel agency highlight in their advertising)  stopped by in Trosa in the beginning of his journey to the islands Öland and Gotland in the Baltic Sea, on the 16th of May in 1741, and found a new species of Butterflies, not even known abroad, as he mentions when he gives it the name Papilio hexapus, alias divaricatis denticulatis nigris albo punctatis.
I believe this is a Swallowtail, one of 550 known species. 
Or, is it Apollo? :-)





Trosa Stream in the center of town


Downstream towards the inner harbour


Upstream, photographed from the bridge.


Sunday rush hour!


A path towards refreshments at the café!


"Café Tre Små Rum". "Café Three Little Rooms". Consisting of four and a half rooms!


The stove.




Not just an ordinary town house!





The web camera is covering this area




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