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My first thoughts when arriving last night was; My god! This feels like Midsomer!
Will I survive the night? Will Chief Inspector Barnaby solve the case?
Now in the bright daylight I realize that my worries were unjustified.
All inhabitants are well!

My worries of staying over night in Datchet could have been justified if we had been a group of three men arriving in a boat. Fortunately we weren't! ;-)


Bear in mind that all pictures were taken under rather difficult circumstances. 

IMG_4882cr.jpg (143509 byte)

The railroad crossing dividing Datchet for a few minutes at a time.


IMG_4886.JPG (420682 byte)

21 High Street.
I didn't catch the name.



IMG_4887.JPG (366032 byte)

The Thames Cottage.


IMG_4889.JPG (276781 byte)

The Hall House.


IMG_4895.JPG (218395 byte)

The river Thames.



IMG_4899.JPG (221902 byte)

The gable on High Street/Manor House Lane.

IMG_4901.JPG (614089 byte)

Church of St. Mary the Virgin.

IMG_4905.JPG (698968 byte) IMG_4906.JPG (568227 byte) IMG_4907.JPG (331459 byte)



IMG_4909.JPG (241774 byte)

Restaurant Piccola Venezia.

Traditional Italian Restaurant.
Excellent food and service!
Warm and familiar mood, just a few days before the big Elvis celebration.
Their wall will eventually be embellished with a small Swedish fortune!

1 Country Life House, Slough Road.

IMG_4908.JPG (936055 byte)

Can you believe this?
A sprung rose in January 16.
I can't figure out how they did it.
Maybe a plastic flower threaded on a real twig, but it's on the second floor, several meters from the house? On Horton Road, to the east of The Green. :-)



IMG_4913.JPG (278450 byte)

The Royal Stag Pub.
We joined the Tuesday Quiz, and are still not sure whether it was Paddington platform 9 and 1/4, or 3/4, in the Harry Potter movie.
I do believe it was "The Desperate Housewives" that won the quiz! :-)

The Stag has been a Pub since the 1400:s, and is supposed to be haunted!
It is also the very same Pub not able to provide shelter for the Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K.Jerome.
On the other hand, The Manor didn't have any beds left that night either. :-)



The dock at the Thames


Caribbean 34.jpg (647689 byte)

I remember this ad , and did find it again, from 1968, when a Swedish boat dealer tried to get people interested in English houseboats. He must have sold at least one, the one I saw in the Stockholm archipelago some years ago.
I'm sure I would enjoy a boat of this type!

I believe the price should be multiplied with 20 to get the actual market price of today!?

IMG_4890cr.jpg (171800 byte)
Remember this Lady Donna, we'll meet her again in Henley on Thames in May, for me without understanding it until we arrived home again. But she was sure familiar in Henley!

Here are two later models of similar size. A difference is that you can slide the roof open over the living room! 

IMG_4894cr.jpg (208290 byte)

Wonderful boats!

IMG_4896cr.jpg (198221 byte)



IMG_4893cr.jpg (222725 byte)

This is probably one of the two classical English houseboats (narrowboats?!) visible on Google Earth. I did spot them before the journey and was eager to see if they were still there. Doesn't it look like Mr Shoestring's boat?
However, I wasn't prepared for the surveillance system that lightened up the whole dockyard when I arrived, and the video camera that followed me around during the visit.
The video however, was the best alibi and proof of my innocence! :-)


IMG_4917.JPG (267793 byte)

The War Memorial!
I believe it is in remembrance of inhabitants lost long before the first world war. I have found a map from 1895 where the war memorial is marked out.
Erected on the Green, in the centre of the village.



The Midsomer Murders outdoor scenes, some of them anyway, has been taken in the village Turville only 16 miles (26km) away, as the crows fly. so we weren't totally wrong!

I have found out that scenes also have been shot in the village Little Marlow in Buckinghamshire.


Since I had such a delightful glimpse of England in January, we have decided that Margarita and Henrik should get a chance too, so now in late May 2007 we will be heading for Old Barn Cottage in Little Marlow for a few days, to see London and surroundings. Chelsea Flower Show, Legoland, Windsor Castle, Royal Botanic Garden, Maybe Milton Keynes and for sure Turville! And then a few days in the village Beer in Devon for a special occasion, and maybe Taunton in Somerset, both places has something to do with steam, and trains.  :-)

Have a look at the second journey here!


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