Utö Island
In the Stockholm south east archipelago.

A placemark at Google Earth.


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The Stockholm Administrative Board has ordered the cable network provider Kustbandet AB, the owner of this web camera to change direction or put it down because, listen carefully now, not that anybody could be recognised and identified in front of the rail in the very bottom of the picture, but they could eventually be recognised and identified by their posture! 
Look at the pictures and suppose that you will see a person from their elbows and up, and that the camera provided just about 15 frames per second.
Do I need to say more?
Yes, I wouldn't recognize my own mother in this view, I have tried once, and failed!

This decision is very much in line with how the county and country is governed.

There is an old Swedish saying that I think is suitable here:
To trickle mosquitoes and swallowing camels.
Isn't this what these our "governing" authorities are doing?




I quote The Kustbandet AB website and show the orders from the authorities further below.


Bästa skärgårdsälskande webkamera besökare!

Kustbandet AB har efter beslut från Länsstyrelsen 2007-05-25 blivit förelagda att omedelbart avlägsna den övervakningskamera (som dom kallar den) som vi haft på Utö under flera år utan klagomål.



Vi tycker detta är jättetråkigt och vi kommer inte att överklaga, rikta om kameran eller på något annat sätt ödsla tid på denna tjänst som vi frikostigt bjudit på under flera år.

Önskar Stockholms län att turister inte får se vår fantastiska skärgård med den teknik som finns tillgänglig idag så skall vi självklart följa deras beslut.



Känner ni för att skicka ett mail till Länsstyrelsen och klaga lite eller kanske berömma dom för deras beslut så är deras mail adress: inff@ab.lst.se

Adressera mailet i rubrikraden till Fredrik Jones


Michael Backhuvud, Kustbandet AB



I quote The Stockholm Administrative Board introduction on their website.


The County Administrative Board is a government body responsible for overseeing that the national goals, laid down by the Swedish parliament and government, are realized in the County of Stockholm.

Our work comprises everything from care of the elderly, equal opportunities, integration to emergency services, cultural heritage and protection of the environment.

  • We supervise the observance of laws and regulations.
  • We try appeals against local government decisions.
  • We decide about licenses and economic support in many fields.
  • We provide information and advice.



The County Administrative Board co-ordinates various interests in order to promote the development of the Stockholm region. Our goals are growth, a good environment, quality of life and equal opportunities for all.

The wide scope of our responsibilities demands competence and experience from all fields of society. Among our 400 employees are lawyers, architects, agronomists, biologists, engineers, archeologists, veterinarians, sociologists, and economists to mention but a few.



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