The Almost Southernmost Town In Sweden

Ystad was on Wednesday 2007-05-09 choosen as winner to the title:
Town Core of the Year 2007!
(The Nicest Little Town Centre in Sweden)


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G:A Rådhuset österut mot Stortorget      Småbåtshamnen

     The Town Square                                     The Marina           

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Sattelite picture with estimated camera angles.

Link to Eniro interactive sattelite picture, from where you can zoom in and out, and finally get an idea of where on earth you just have been.


Link for Google Earth users: Ystad placemark.


Ystad official website


The fortune of getting a good snapshot now and then.

Ystad 060620 0706.jpg (261413 byte)

The "Coastal Arrow" arrives Ystad.


Spider webs, all the way down the cobble stone.


Ystad_071002_0902.jpg (166144 byte)

The train arrives from Malmö.