! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !        The United States had Barack Obama, Johnny Cash, Bob Hope, and Stevie Wonder !     Sweden has Stefan Löfvén, and no Cash, no Hope, nor Wonder !                                                                           
Yet another day of processes of forever ongoing trials...

...and the situation in the realm today is relatively good!

Listen to a short wonderful story here! Wasp
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National Anthems.

Web Cameras.

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Second trip to The United Kingdom
Our Journeys To Russia
rexhenrik.se      reginasweden.se
efoto.rexhenrik.se    efoto.reginasweden.se
Our sailboat the Havsfidra Curette     Slagsta Marina
The Walk.se     Sweden-Australia on foot

US Modules Sweden

Svenskt MJ-forum
Modul Syd

Järnvägsmusei vänner
Modelljärnvägsspecialisten, Luleå

Three switched witches watch three Swatch watch switches.
Which switched witch watch which Swatch watch switch?

Kyrkkulla and Hågelby
Botkyrka Church
The Coffee Top
The English Park
Delaval Hamra Farm
Torps Malm Stone Ship
Kungshatt, shipwreck
Slagsta Rock Carvings
Hallunda Grave Cairn
Bauhaus Drive-In in Alby
A-Train  A Train Story, the movie
Ladder#1 Rescue Cat On Roof, the movie
Flemingsberg Train Station,the movie!
2010-02-06 A three truck Shay, the movie
2010-03-05 Norsborg station, the movie
2010-04-05 Hallunda Railway, the movie
2010-04-28 Switchyard Hallunda, the movie
2011-02-11 Pacific F1207 Cab ride, the movie
2011-02-16 More cab rides on Hallunda Railway

The Degree Confluence Project?
Or Captain Peter's homepage?
sv.wiki   en.wiki   commons
My all-time favorite Eurovision Song Contest was in 2000.
Germany's contribution Wadde Hadde Dudde Da was outstanding, and Stefan Raab and his band clearly shows that Germans have a sense of humour after all. :-)


I believe Germany has done it again!
Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

Lena Meyer-Landrut - Satellite


We no speak Americano



Watch the original with Renato Carosone and his Eminent Five Quartette.


Russia attacks Sweden


Have you seen this invention? Tri-Tilt is here!
Sorry! Now it's too late. The project has been cancelled because of lack of interest and understanding from the world. Pity!


Snake´s Head Lilly Fritillary
IMG_1034-37-44-47-48.JPG (107667 byte)

Vad bjuder oss uppriktigt Afrika? 
Vad visa kan Amerika? 
Vad Asien? vad allt Europa? 
Jag trotsar öppet allihopa! 
Men Skandinavien - det är alladar! 
Blott Sverige svenska krusbär har. 

What offer sincerely us Africa?
What can we see from America?
What Asia? What all Europe?
I defy all of ye group!
Merely Scandinavia - all there have!
Only Sweden Swedish Gooseberries have.

Carl Jonas Love Almqvist  1838.

Maria Church
Moscow 1996-
Flora & Fauna

DHTML Art scripts website here

Vein and Space Wheel

A Few Special Pictures Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza.  Test   
Hot Air Balloons The Musician
Swedish UN Batallion 70M Reunion 2004-04-17 Ostrich Farm 2005-07-04
Tullinge Air Show 2004-08-14 Trosa 2005-07-10
The Final Flight for Viggen to Aviodrome   Stockholm Tram Museum 2005-07-25
At The Zoo 2004-08-16 East Indiaman Götheborg's Maiden Voyage
At The ParkenZoo 2005-07-21 (movie) East Indiaman Götheborg's Departure. (movie) 
The Annual Ramsebo Crayfish Party in August Ship Ohoy, in Stockholm Harbour (movie)
 East Indiaman Götheborg's Website
 Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen The Arrival Back Home
Lucia Concert in the Stockholm Globe Arena. The Snow Storm November First
Alexanders Dop 2005-09-17 Happy New Year 2007
Kolmården Zoo and the Dolphins 2006-07-12 First trip to The United Kingdom
Uppsala City 2006-08-02 World Hovercraft Championship 2008
A Holmers Space at rexhenrik.se My everyday journey to work, the movie.
A Henrik's Space at holmers.com The journey home from work, the movie.
ROCKO SnowGo black A lunch trip by car, the movie.

Favorite Links


Photo & Art Surface to Air Fun Facts Maps/Household Hilarious items
MyFlickr  efoto  Arlanda Airport

Royal Court

Eniro Map/Satellite

Lindsay Home
Ralph Lundsten Sheremetyevo Airport Beridna Högvakten


Hej Bilist
Downeast TV Kastrup Airport Fact Book Maps,Google Sjuk Humor
Sergio's   sergiopadura.com airliners.net  Flight Data Dictionary Local.Live.Com icq.
Chessie efoto Final Flight Swe / Eng Razvilka      John West. (movie)
quoddytides.com flightpix.com Wikipedia SL Olympic Games. (m)
sim1 travels East Indiaman Götheborg Convert Lantmäteriet The Caravan. (m)
Richka.com Joshua Slocum Svenska Akademiens ordbok Kartbild.com Mates. (movie)
S/S Ejdern Virtuella Floran TopoZone Aliens. (movie)
Linnaeus Server Ticket.se Four Old Ladies.
Naturfotoforum RentCarMoscow Flying Dog. (movie)
Fish Facts Naprapat Mats Jonsson Tough Guys. (movie)
Underground USGS Ryssland.se Anchor on Tugboat
bunkertours.se Nautical Terms True Love (movie) 
Organisations Skogsskada SLU Australian Police. (m)
United Nations Computerized The Viking Answer Lady Flexible Phone. (movie)
UNESCO PC För Alla Åke Finn i Torsång Cliché Generator
UNAMSIL Geektools Tugboatlars Sea/Road/Rail/Air
UNMIS AboutUs Botkyrka Library
MFO in Sinai Desert Bredbandskollen
Ystad Rotaryklubb Senator Collins explains how the front fell off

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Aviation Photo Database


Click here to visit RailPictures.Net!






Archipelago boats

Fakta om Fartyg.se

World Shipping Register


Miramar Ship Index

Russian Shipping Register



A German WW2 trophy tank T34 found in an Estonian lake.


The entire page above translated to English!
or at

Militaarne Hiiumaa.ee (in English)


Search Canadian Marine Vessels

Search US Marine Vessels



Yacht Database

 CERN has made a successful collision in their particle accelerator now in November 2009...

...and this video explains it all, and even more, actually the whole story from the Big Bang!
The Large Hadron Rap!
Apart from the entertainment, it's really educational!



Or, This one is even more educational...

The Rare Isotope Rap.









National Anthems

Sweden. Lyrics.    Tapto.

The King's Song. Lyrics.

Ut I Vida Världen. Composed by Ralph Lundsten for the SETI project.

Sovjet Union. Before 1944. Download RealPlayer here.

Russia. 1992-1999

Sovjet Union. Adopted by Russia in 2000. Lyrics.



Fareoe Islands. Lyrics.



Italy. Lyrics.




United Kingdom



USA. Lyrics.   Taps.

Australia.  Lyrics.

Timor Leste. (East Timor). Lyrics.


Sierra LeoneLyrics.

South Sudan. 

National Anthems Net















Olympic Anthem

Olympic Anthem for Piano. Website.



The Stars and Stripes ForeverJohn Philip Sousa.

The Cartwright Family's Bonanza

Bonanza sung by Lorne Greene

She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain When She Comes

Waltzing Matilda.   Lyrics.    

Waltzing Matilda. (jazz).    Website.

Waltzing Matilda. (march). Lyrics.

Matilda, Matilda, Matilda...  All together now!

Day O! The Banana Boat Song

Jamaican Farewell



El Alamein Hotel



Two Step nadya






By the Samovar



















Web Cameras
Presented from north to south and eastward around the world.

Swedish Webcams


Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel on Torne River



The Ice Pillar in Lycksele

The High Coast Bridge

The Gondola

Vaxholm. Website.

The Island of Utö. Swedish governmental abuse?

The Town of Trosa. (Offline). Pictures.

Visby Town Square, The Island Gotland

The Öland Bridge.(Offline). Pictures, and even more cams!

Turning Torso and MalmöWebsite


Echo Valley, Spain.


Moscow University. Website.

Podol'sk   Lots of views from south of Moscow!

Vladivostok.(Offline). Website.

Castaway Island in Fiji. (URL is dismissed). Website.

EarthCam MetroCam

Chicago Sun-Times.(URL is gone). Pictures.

Ground Zero

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Aerials.

Confederation Bridge, P. E. I. Website.






















Web Cameras in Maine. View from Camden Harbor.

Bar Harbour

KCT Goat Island

Portland Harbor

Scranton Times in Pennsylvania.

Cape Hatteras

The Salty Dog Café in South Carolina. Pictures.

The Azores

Ascention Island.

Loch Ness. I got Nessie!

Fidra Island (North Berwick)


Webcams in southern England along the route for our vacation in late May 2007.

Maidenhead Rowing Club, Buckinghamshire. We didn't find the place at all.:-)

Windsor Guildhall,(URL is gone). Berkshire. We found it, and got photographed by a friend! ;-))

The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon.

The Donkey Sanctuary outdoor camera.

We found it, but didn't get time.:-(

Exmouth Seafront Webcam, Devon. Didn't get time, have to go back some day!

Probably a little too far from the route.

West Somerset Railway Cam 2.     Official website
West Somerset Railway Cam 3.
No, it was close, but we got no time.






The Swedish population in December 31 2003:

4 529 014 Women

4 446 656 Men

8 975 670 happy souls all together.


On July 12 2004 around 1500 hours the population of Sweden exceeded the 9,000 000 wall.

A view of the Population Clock during this historic moment!


View City Population
















View the Swedish Population Clock live!
Sorry, It doesn't work any longer!
A one will be up and running in the autumn 2006!?
And now it's late April 2007! Now it's January 2008!
I knew from the beginning how difficult it is to count to 9 millions, but it took them until 2009 to realize it's never too late to give up! I Wonder how it is with other predictions made by this institute? :-)








Telephone Man



















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El Alamein Någonstans i öknen   



vwww.vinyl107.se      Listen Live
   Listen Live
www.rusradio.ru     Listen Live




    This word game, on top of the page, came to me on a T-shirt with Bill Clintons name some years ago.

    The exchange of names is only a reflection of reality, which also means that

    we have to settle with Fredrik Reinfelt, and still no Cash, no Hope, nor Wonder!

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