Hallunda Grave Cairn

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Ancient Monument Nr 70 in Botkyrka Parish, Stockholm County.

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Hallunda Grave Cairn is probably from the older part of the bronze age which in Scandinavia was between 1800-500 BC.


It is about 35m wide and 6m tall. It looks taller than it really is because it is built upon a hillock above the pretty steep sloap down to the southern shore of Rödstensfjärden (Red Stone Bay) in the lake Mälaren.



The paved road in the pictures and panorama changes behind the bushes to a dirt path that twists down to the lake in a narrow gauge. Not quite suitable for strollers either...  :-)


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The sloap down to the lake. The view from top.

The bushes around have been cleared recently but not carried away yet . 
The old oak tree in previous pictures looks even worse for each year. We noticed something was wrong three years ago. 



There is a nice walk and bicycle road all the way along the shore, and plenty of connections up and down just where people live above the shore. The only one that is a little too steep is the one behind the cairn. Our shortcut. Typical!



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There are three little beaches along the shore. The water temperature may exceed 18 degrees Celsius already in June (we have a couple of indoor pools too).


A glimpse of lake Mälaren from the top of the cairn.



A boat from Stockholm out on a daily excursion. The church steeple to the right in the picture is the Ekerö Church on the island Ekerö.



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Greetings for Rost and Spud!
The community cleaners haven't found it yet, and we are certainly not going to tell them! ;-)


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My excursion companion Henrik.



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A bronze sword was found in a similar cairn on Aspberget (Aspen Mountain) a ridge a mile south of here, in one of about 40 cairns on top of the 70m high rock just north of Botkyrka Church.
This the Hallunda cairn is the largest of them all but it has never been excavated.

In Winter Shroud


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From below



From the top


From beyond and below


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Take care, if you slip here it's downhill all the way out into the lake.



Seen from the shore.
The arrow points at the cairn.


Along the shore.


A couple of recent storms from the east has forced the western part of the Baltic Sea to rise more than a meter, and it was for a week or so higher than the water level in lake Mälaren, so the sea water ran backwards in through the locks in Stockholm and Södertälje. This hasn't happen since 1880 or something. IMG_5211cr.jpg (356095 byte)

Isn't it a baby Moby Dick?


Now when the level in the lake slowly goes back to normal all the ice brakes and makes it hazardous to even think of skating or walking on it.


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Tired after the long walk uphill again!


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Very tired!


Extremely tired!





Hallunda Manor


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Hallunda manor is one of the manors in the neighborhood that gave up their land in the late sixties for Stockholm city to expand.


Hallunda manor has its special place in history where during Christmas in 1791 Jacob Johan Anckarström, Claes Horn and Adolf Ribbing, noblemen and officers close to the Swedish king begun the planning for revolution and assassination of king Gustav III.


The assassination did really occur, on a masked ball at the Stockholm opera house on March 16, 1792. 
King Gustav was surrounded by a group of men greeting him with the French words Bonjour, beau masque, Good day fine mask, which was the signal for Anckarström who shot one shot in the king's back. 
The king stepped a side shouting Ah! Je suis blessé, tirez-moi d'ici et arrêtez-le, Ah! I am wounded, take me away from here, and arrest that man!
The king died two weeks later by infection in the wound, and his last words was: I feel sleepy, a few moments rest would do me good!


Jacob Johan Anckarström was sentenced to be cast in irons for three days and flogged. His right hand was cut off just before he was decapitated.
His family changed their name to Löwenström and as some sort of compensation they started a hospital, today the Löwenströmska hospital north of Stockholm. 

Daniel Auber's opera Gustave III and Giuseppe Verdi's Un ballo in maschera (A Masked Ball) are both depicting King Gustav III and Jacob Johan Anckarström. 

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Former workers quarters.
Today privatly owned homes.

My guess!



Funny, but a part of our rowhouse is visible behind the trees just to the right of the barn. There are so many beautiful details on this carriage barn.
The two big doors are for our eyes only. Look how the upper doors lower corners brake into the lower doors.



IMG_5221cr.jpg (317870 byte) Hallunda Grave Cairn is the sixth significant spot in the so called "Hallunda Culture Path", a three kilometer path through our community with 13 different historic places, all of them connected to each other, one way or another. The first place is Slagsta Rock Carvings, and the last is The English Park. You are welcome for a view even at these places!
Henrik has regained his strength!



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