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The United Kingdom in January 2007


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Click on the links below to view a 360 Panorama each from these three different places.



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We did return in May 2007!


I believe it is first of all thanks to the warm and kind people I met
on my very first journey to England, that will make it so memorable and
a real treasure!
A short trip that lasted less than 24 hours, but gave so much!


You English types have shown such an ability of understanding an ignorant foreigners slightest wishes, and fulfilling them with the same smooth elegance!
From the limousine driver at the airport that with a phone call
rearranged next days trip to include Windsor Castle,
to the factory manager that took me up on the roof for a panorama picture.
Everywhere the small details were fixed with a smile,
even British Airways shortened the trip home with 15 minutes!
Just a few hours before the terrible storm struck!


A wish that wasn't fulfilled was the Monty Python collectors Spam tin can,
and another one to taste the spam too! Another day maybe! :-)

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