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Swedish UNEF II Battalion 70M
(Middle East, Sinai Peninsula, 1978)

Reunion April 17-18 2004



Greetings by
Kungliga Södermanlands Regementes Musikpluton
The Royal Södermanland Regiment Music Platoon Briefing


Swedish Army's March of Honour (Under Blue-Yellow Banner).




 Various marches.



Swedish Army's Reveille






Photographs by Jan Melin



Swedish Home Guard's March.



Swedish Army's Taps (Tapto).



Royal Södermanland Regiment's March.


The Marches presented in the slideshows on this page are copyrighted by the Swedish Army and are placed here for entertainment purposes only, aimed towards a small group of friends.
No profits are made for this site from their use, and they are not meant to be downloaded from the site.
Please support these artists and purchase their music if you like it, "Svenska arméns marscher" (3 cd) at for instance Flygvapenmuseum in Linköping, Sweden.




I have become aware of that there are an amount of sites about different Swedish UN missions on the Internet.


Let me introduce you to some of them:


Vi som gjort FN-tjänst i Sinaiöknen Facebook

FN-bataljon 68M i Sinai Facebook

Sveriges Veteranförbund

Vi som fått Alfred Nobels Fredspris Facebook






A few photographs from my three different missions.

Since I have regrouped a few times during the recent 30 years I have lost track of my not too many photographs. However, I found a few among three generations of collected stuff the other night, and have managed to scan them for all of us to enjoy. I will continue my search...


Battalion 60M
A few pictures!
Battalion 68M
Only a group photo and a few pictures from southern Lebanon.
Battalion 70M
Three pictures and a movie for a narrow circle. :-)






Någonstans i öknen

This is a clip from a 90 minutes long tape recording for my birthday in 1978, made by Birgitta and Johan Edgren. Johan at the time 14 years old.

The lack of good radio stations in The Sinai Desert made this tape cassette even more valuable during our long car journeys, and almost a necessity during the nocturnal ones, on the for hundreds of miles desolate roads!

I have treasured this tape so much and therefore kept it in such a safe place that I actually forgot where. My joy was tremendous when I just recently almost by accident rediscovered it!

Times have changed, and given us the opportunity to share recorded events like this through the Internet. I have taken the liberty to post this short clip without permission, and do fully understand that I am under the mercy of Birgitta!






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