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GustafDeLaval.jpg (52904 byte) In the beginning there were bright ideas from a man working under the light of the diligent kerosene lamp during the second half of the 1800s.

Gustaf de Laval, inventor of the steam turbine, the de Laval nozzle (essential for rocket propulsion), the milk-cream separator, to mention three and maybe the most important of his 93 patents.

Already in 1894 the Hamra Farm was purchased by de Laval's company AB Separator. The farm is situated in the little valley between the community of Tumba in the west (Yes, It's where the hockey player Sven Tumba lived in the sixties), and the Tullinge Lake in the east.


Hamra Farm has been used for research and experiments in the fields of optimized fertilization for crops, breeding of live stock, and testing of milking machines.

Today the main purpose for the farm is development and testing of the latest systems for automatic milking of cows! 

In 1991, Alfa Laval Agri, a company producing dairy and farming machinery was split from Alfa Laval when it was bought by the Tetra Pak Group. When Alfa Laval was sold, Alfa Laval Agri remained a part of the Tetra Pak group and was renamed DeLaval, after the company's founder.

Did you follow? Me neither! :-)


After many years passing by the farm, looking up the hill, wondering...
We finally got that formal invitation, perhaps it is an annual event that we have missed before...

Open house on September 5th, 2009



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6857.JPG (519657 byte)
20090905HamraFarmIMG_6859.jpg (217178 byte)
We parked at the employee parking place in front of the DeLaval headquarters and climbed on the bus waiting for us. There is not enough space on the farm for hundreds of visitors coming by car.



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6954.jpg (331874 byte)
20090905HamraFarmIMG_6860.jpg (261821 byte)
The "Big Barn"
20090905HamraFarmDrawnOverview.jpg (637895 byte)
This is the map we received at arrival, so we wouldn't get lost.



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6861.jpg (224387 byte)
Entrance to the VMS-Barn
20090905HamraFarmIMG_6866.jpg (191572 byte)
VMS = Volountary Milking System

It means that the cows are strolling around on their own, indoors or outdoors to their own wish. When they feel it's time for milking, they just put themselves in the line to the milking robot.



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6871.jpg (233441 byte)


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6875.jpg (270777 byte)


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6878.jpg (429493 byte)
These vehicles are real chick magnets!



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6879.jpg (279029 byte)


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6887.jpg (232871 byte)



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6885.jpg (435623 byte)



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6888.jpg (235959 byte)



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6890.jpg (237694 byte)
The lawn mower...


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6889.jpg (252177 byte)
...size large.




20090905HamraFarmIMG_6893.jpg (199919 byte)

20090905HamraFarmIMG_6891.jpg (202213 byte)
Entrance to the demonstration barn from 1894.


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6899.jpg (229559 byte)

20090905HamraFarmIMG_6895.jpg (302386 byte)



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6892.jpg (326088 byte)
Many are the celebrities, corporate leaders, UN secretary generals, and head of states that have walked these stairs, prior to Margarita! ;-)


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6900.jpg (183311 byte)


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6901.jpg (142146 byte)
Behind the barn



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6904.jpg (184221 byte)


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6902.jpg (282758 byte)
A Väderstad Carrier 650



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6913.jpg (325969 byte)
The first equipment...


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6918.jpg (275621 byte)
...from around the...



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6920.jpg (170617 byte)
...previous turn of the century.


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6921.jpg (193433 byte)


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6924.jpg (351300 byte)
The centerpiece of the big barn.



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6925.jpg (222095 byte)


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6926.jpg (555926 byte)
Research and Test Centre
20090905HamraFarmIMG_6927.jpg (360837 byte)


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6928.jpg (311808 byte)
Research and Development Barn (The Loft)
20090905HamraFarmIMG_6930.jpg (447960 byte)
Happy cows
20090905HamraFarmIMG_6931.jpg (285967 byte)



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6932.jpg (329213 byte)
The beautiful villa
20090905HamraFarmIMG_6941.jpg (217844 byte)


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6942.jpg (277056 byte)
A view towards Tullinge lake



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6944.jpg (234700 byte)


20090905HamraFarmIMG_6947.jpg (257264 byte)
The Voluntary Milking System Barn
(VMS barn)
20090905HamraFarmIMG_6949.jpg (293802 byte)
The farm history boulder




20090905HamraFarmIMG_6959.jpg (283116 byte)
20090905HamraFarmIMG_6966.jpg (278842 byte)
Wheel meet again...
Don't know when, don't know where, but I know...

20090905HamraFarmIMG_6967.jpg (212593 byte)



20090905HamraFarmIMG_6969.jpg (485268 byte)
20090905HamraFarmIMG_6970.jpg (187988 byte)
DeLaval global headquarters



Thank you so very much for a day to remember!



Now when you have taken the time to visit us, do also take the opportunity to look for other placemarks with more information about the area. Enjoy!

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